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The term used to describe a college party boy jock who wears a Hollister (or other expensive name brand) shirt, expensive board shorts, has a DC (or other sissy ass high dollar brand) hat cocked to the side, has huge biceps, treates their (stupid) girlfriend like shit, and only cares about drinking (alcohol).

These types of idiots can usually be found at Major Universities, Senior Week, or in court fighting a DUI.

I call them Sha Bras because when asked a question, they reply "Sha Bra", meaning (yeah bro).
"Hey Elliot, look at those Shah Brahs bullying that Bassoon player!"

"Lets Get the fuck out of here, the beach is filled with Shah Brahs!"

"When I said hello to that Shah Brah over there, he told me (harshly) to get the hell away from his girl, then threatened to beat me up with a beer keg!"

"Kathy, tell that Shah Brah to stop listening to Offspring, and get the fuck out of my house!"
by Fameasser35 October 19, 2009
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