One of the hottest people of all time
"I love you Shagrath"
by Anonymous October 19, 2003
frontman from norwegian symphonic black metal band Dimmu Borgir.
one of the best frontmans ever, and absolutely the god of current black metal scene!
well, he's really attractive, but you'd better appeciate most his way of singing and his philosophy, than his aspect!
Shagrath's live performances are great!!
you'll never forget them!!
for all tid!!!
by countess_Grishnackh August 21, 2009
The hottest person alive!
The lead vocals in Dimmu Borgir and is hot enough to melt the sun.
He's norwegian, and satanic, and has black hair, and... need I say more?
I call him Shaggy,
just like I call the guitarist Cheddar, and I call the synthesisers guy Muccus, Vortex is just Vortex, Nick Barker got fired, and I call Galder... Disturbed.
by Kristina Delonge November 15, 2004
lead vocalist for norwegian black metal band: Dimmu Borgir. Recently admitted he was gay.
Eugene: "Hey, did you catch the latest Dimmu concert?"

James-bob: "Yeah. that mosh pit was super duper!"

Eugene: "..............what?"

James-bob: "Oh you didn't hear? Shagrath's gay now. It's cool to say gay things..."

Eugene: ".................."

James-bob: ".................."

Eugene: "I want you inside me..."

James-bob: "BUCKLE UP!"
by necropedophile February 15, 2009
It's like a griffin.
I think a shagrath is a mythical creature, like a griffin.
by melvin July 23, 2004

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