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Vocalist from the band Dimmu Borgir
An amazing vocalist for an amazing band, and people shouldnt just talk about how 'hot' he is
by emma December 17, 2003
The talented (and beautiful) vocalist of the Norwegian black metal band Dimmu Borgir. He sounds equally good whether he sings his songs in Norgwegian or English. Shagrath, or his real name Stian Thoresen, and his band put on one hell of a show.
The vocals of Shagrath are what make Dimmu Borgir the band that they are.
by triplecorpsehammerblow December 01, 2004
Shagrath- Also known as Stian Tomt Thoresen; was born November 18, 1976. He is one of the founders of the Norwegian Melodic Black Metal band Dimmu Borgir. His stage name "Shagrath" is also the name of an orc-demon from the book "Lord of the Rings" in which he took the name from 13 years ago. Shagrath is also the name of a spider God who was concidered the source of all evil.
Shagrath is my Lord and Master of Disharmony...
by Loki Disharmonic August 05, 2007
Shagrath's real name is Stian Thoresen. He is the lead vocalist of the band Dimmu Borgir. He's sexy, intelligent and artistic. Need I say more?
One of the sexiest men alive.
by Annabelle November 25, 2004
Vokalist of dimmuborgir!
And i agree with the last poster, you shouldent go around saying hed sexy and hot or whatever! this is black metal! These guys are supposed to be evil, not hot and sexy.
Shagrath has a voice, forgedin the fires of hell!
by Xenodwarf March 07, 2005
he is the hotest and sexiest man all over the world
i love him that i see him at first at 1997
by nicole January 25, 2004
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