Shaggy is a popular charictor from the cartoon "Scooby-Doo"

Shaggy is the king of slack. His hobbies include eating junk food, eating junk food, and eating junk food. Shaggy is also a master of disguise. Just give the guy three seconds and he can become a waiter, a museum's caveman replica, or a coffee table. Shaggy is also certified in Scuba diving and can throw his voice.

Many of you might also ask why Shaggy is always chosen to lure ghosts into Freddy's traps. The reason why is that Shaggy is on his High School's Track team, and therefore can run very fast.

Little Known Fact -
Shaggy's father is a Police Officer, Real name is Norville Rogers, Adress is 224 Maple Street Coolsville, Age 17, Apeared in 295 episodes.
Like scoob, check out that dude's crazy hair doo!
by Shaggy November 05, 2004
gross, ugly, bad things
dude thats shaggy
by sister mary kathryn February 16, 2011
A small patch of hair on a guy's chest, that is a different color than his hair. It usually looks like a dead cat and is very unappealing. This term is used in far away quebec.
girl 1:I can't wait to see jimmy in his bathing suit....

-a few minutes later-

girl 1: Ewww. he's got a shaggy!!!!
by RoXx March 03, 2006
An online persona/avatar. Gets shot at by accident on frequent occasions by one particular team mate.

S***, sorry Shaggy, my bad.

Ooof, sorry Shaggy, thought you were the enemy.

Careful Shaggy I have triple barrel shotgun and you are in front of me.
by Flower September 04, 2003
a guy who is barely growin hairs on his chin, like the 9 hairs on shaggy's chin.
Oh dude, you need to shave. Your lookin like shaggy.
by DIM May 20, 2003
1) One with unkempt long hair

2) Scooby-Doo character who is reknown for his appetite and fear of ghosts

3) A young male from Ohio who is the sexiest man alive
Shaggy needs a shower.

Shaggy ran from the bad guy.

I want to fuck shaggy
by Sir Mix-A-Lot May 18, 2003
The girl who remote controls robots.. She has wifehs, and likes annoying JT, because he is dumb. She is an 1337 wench.

Also, a very horrid singer-man.
"Shaggy, yeah, I saw her with her wifehs!"
by Aiza April 24, 2003
1. Adjective for "to lie, to tell and untruth", etc

2. Often used in the phrase "shaggy dog" to describe a lie
That was a shaggy dog story you told last night
by Bonnie wee haggis September 23, 2003

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