A young, male Ohioan who enjoys waxing his armpit hair in the company of Salvy employees
Shaggy can be such a naive dumbass sometimes; I wish he would get a clue.
by Shaggy May 29, 2003
A fag with a fag life style and a crooked dick
Shaggy is a fag with a crooked dick
by Tomasmaneee April 14, 2016
A monster hunter, someone who goes after super ugly girls for whatever reason, either desperation or laziness
dude 1: Hey shaggy how did you do yesterday with that fucking hog?!

Shaggy: pls no bully
by elchiferobravo October 09, 2015
a guy who is barely growin hairs on his chin, like the 9 hairs on shaggy's chin.
Oh dude, you need to shave. Your lookin like shaggy.
by DIM May 20, 2003
1) One with unkempt long hair

2) Scooby-Doo character who is reknown for his appetite and fear of ghosts

3) A young male from Ohio who is the sexiest man alive
Shaggy needs a shower.

Shaggy ran from the bad guy.

I want to fuck shaggy
by Sir Mix-A-Lot May 18, 2003
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