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An overly large sandwich which is at least slightly bigger then the persons mouth that is trying to eat it. As made famous in the 1960's cartoon Scooby-Doo. A Saggy sandwich is made out of anything and everything found in the fridge or pantry. For a sandwich to be considered a shaggy sandwich it must have the following.

1.More than two pieces of bread.
2.Atleast 4 kinds of meat.
3.It must have bacon. Note: Bacon does not count as one of your 4 meats. Bacon is an independent food group within the shaggy snadwich.
4.3 Types of cheese.
5.Atleast 1 Vegetable preferably lettuces or tomato.
6.Atleast 3 Sauces ex.Mustard
5.Something considered Unsandwich like. EX. Cake,brownies, or a doughnut.

If your sandwich has all of these things it can be considered a shaggy sandwich. Congratulations you are among the sandwich making elite.
You:Dude you got any swiss I'm making a shaggy sandwich but, I only have 2 types of cheese.
Friend: Ya it's in the fridge. There is some 3 week old pizza in there too if you want it.
by ShaggyDude June 30, 2008
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