see jelly bracelets. they are rubber band thingys worn around the wrist. if you break some1 elses, you must shag them. (clue's in the name)
i just snapped my shag band
*locks toilet door*
by NAGTY October 27, 2004
see Jelly bracelets for many, many definitions. They are the same thing basically.
click on the link and see the meaning of shag bands :)
by faeryfig June 21, 2006
a coloured band which if broken the snapee and snapper have to shag according to the colour of the band.
the colours are as follows:

Black- bed sex
Orange- kinky food sex
Purple- drunken sex
Pink- role play sex
Green- sex on grass
Blue- sex under water
Yellow- sex on the beach
Red- agressive sex
Clear- snappers choice and whatever the colour is
You snapped my orange shag band! Now we have to have kinky food sex.
by Delgado69er January 01, 2010
Rubber bands which are different colours with meanings if snapped..

Black - Sex pink clear - anything girl wants

Pink - Kiss, White - flash
yellow - hug, orange - hickey
any green - hand job, purple - undress other person
any blue - blow job
Red - Lap dance
Gold - all the way/everything
clear any colour - anything wanted by snapper
i snapped your shag bands ;) ...... go on then
by AndreaLTodd October 27, 2009
shag bands are a joke in wich people take too far .... it can simply be a group of friends havin a bit of fun or 2 people havin a little 2much fun...
black~ sex
glitter~girl chooses
neon~ boy chooses
clear~snapper chooses
dark blue~gay sex
orange~blow job
light blue~ lesbo sex
that is just the basics there are many more
by iluvsum1 October 28, 2009
They were originally jelly bracelets worn in the 1980's but now they have sexual meanings eg.

Black - Sex
Blue - guy chooses
Pink - girl chooses
Orange - kiss
Yellow - hug
Light Pink - fingering
Light blue - hand-job
Green - Blow job
Purple - Anything the snapper wants
Clear - kiss of either sex
Red - lap dance
Chris: *snaps black shag band* now you've got to have sex with me!!

Rachel: lets make plans after school *winks*
by freelanceasassin November 17, 2009
A Plastic band(bracelet) that is worn on one's wrist preferably by a so called 'Grungy' or n e who likes em the jist of em is if someone brakes your shagband u hav to shag em...thats about it really and they come in different colours n some mean different things ie.a kiss
Im drunk on a friday nite and a girl brakes my *black Shag Band* (thats the shaggin 1 black* so i shag em that nite (hypothetically) please post the meanings of otha colours
by Junior September 22, 2003

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