They were originally jelly bracelets worn in the 1980's but now they have sexual meanings eg.

Black - Sex
Blue - guy chooses
Pink - girl chooses
Orange - kiss
Yellow - hug
Light Pink - fingering
Light blue - hand-job
Green - Blow job
Purple - Anything the snapper wants
Clear - kiss of either sex
Red - lap dance
Chris: *snaps black shag band* now you've got to have sex with me!!

Rachel: lets make plans after school *winks*
by freelanceasassin November 17, 2009
Top Definition
A shag band is a bracelet made of rubbery plastic. Usually worn by grungers and punks. If you snap someones you need to do whatever that colour accords to.
blue-blow job
yellow-big hug
clear-whatever snapper chooses
glow in the dark-sex toys
glitter-girl chooses
Indigo-Hand-job with blowjob

also see jelly bracelet
by nellysmelly January 12, 2005
Jelly bracelets that come in many different varieties of colours, if you snap a persons 'shag band' they mean a variety of different things:
Yellow - hug.
Pink - hickey.
Orange/purple - kiss.
Red - lap dance.
Green/blue - oral.
Clear - whatever the other person wants.
Black - sex.
White - flash.
5 shag bands for a quid
by Zib_Zab March 22, 2009
It is true that Shagbands or Jelly Bracelets used to be an 80’s fashion. However, they weren’t the original fuck bracelets. Originally fuck bracelets were bracelets with teeny tiny little beads and thin elastic string. The rumours about breaking them and the person has to have sex with you started floating around when I was thirteen. I’m about 17 now. They were much easier to break than jelly bracelets. Somewhere along the line Jelly bracelets began to come back into style. When this happened they became known as shagbands or fuck bracelets. What many of you are failing to realize is everyone just took it as a joke. No one actually believes that if they break someone’s black band that, that person has to have sex with them. That’s ridiculous and stupid. However there is a meaning behind each of the different colors and people do jokingly try to break them a lot. Most of the time when it happens to me (I have about 80 of these things) it’s just one of my friends kidding around.

Black- Sex
Blue- Blow job
Pink- Flash tits or penis
Yellow- Hug
Purple- Kiss
Clear- Whatever the snapper wants
Green- Hand job
Brown- Toss my salad
Glow in the dark- SEX TOYS
Any glitter- Girl chooses
Silver(Gray)- OUTDOOR SEX
Light Blue- Anal
Light pink- hug and kiss
Light green- Oral sex
Gold- All of the above
Those are the meanings of the different colors. But in reality, it’s just a fashion statement.

So, I’ve done a bit of a search on the web and found the cheapest place to buy them online. has got packs of 6 for 75p – colours including glitter, neon and UV.
Girl: Hey! You broke my shag bands!
Guy: oops sorry. Hey! That means we have to have sex now!
Girl: (sarcastically) Oh yea baby!
Guy: Haha
Girl: Wanna go right now?
Guy: Seriously?
Girl: No you dumbass I was joking
Guy: Uh.. yea, I.. uh… I was too.
Girl: Riiiight

::girl walks off::
by obama bin liner July 15, 2009
braclet thingies. they can be any colour ever, and also metallic, sparkly, neon, etc.

emos use them to hide the slits that they have made in their wrists. which i think is wierd...

the 'tradition' thing goin' on is that if someone snaps one of your shag bands, well, then you have to fuck them.

ps. shag bands are v. hard to snap...
(sign on bucket of shag bands in quiggins/afflecks palace/morgana)


(which isnt bad... XD LMFAO)
by Hann February 15, 2006
Lame attampets by freaks to get shagged if a band is snapped.
(Fat guy) You just snapped my shag band, let's get going!

(hot chick) Ew, get away.
by Sam Bellis September 22, 2008
shag bands are jelly bracelets of which lots of people wear, mostly emo or scene. there are hundreds of different meanings for them but the ones i know are:

black: all the way
blue: oral
green: outdoor sex
clear: whatever the snapper wants
orange: kiss (peck)
yellow: hug
red: lapdance
purple: full-on snog
white: flash
pink: lovebite / hickey
glow in the dark: using sex toys
gold: all of the above
he snapped one of my black shag bands, damit! now i have to f**k him!

i have to give him oral, because he snapped my blue shag band.

hahaha, she snapped my green shag band so now we've arranged to do it outdoors :D
by meganzooooxx September 30, 2009
Are jellie bracetes or rubber braceletes people break and depending on the colur , must accomplish with breaker and the band wearer. worn from ages 13- i hope 18. they start to be used by the 7th grade normally. worn by girls. nevr once seen a guy wearing them.
breaking a shag band would result in one of the following depending on colur:


blue-blow job


yellow-big hug


clear-whatever snapper chooses


glow in the dark-sex toys

glitter-girl chooses

Indigo-Hand-job with blowjob

by a teens point of view September 26, 2009
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