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The clothing line produced by Marshal Mathers AKA Eminem/Slim Shady
by Jacob Peirce August 15, 2003
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Subtle yet slammin' with style, these clothes are as dope as the man's rhymes. Featuring hoodies, tees, and the best everyday jeans around, Eminem's Shady line is gonna be in the game for a long time.
i like ur shady ltd tee.
by stevie4life2003 August 06, 2005
clothing that is avaliable at
by Brian September 21, 2003
The mothafucken thight clothin line that Eminem produced. You can find the new unreleased material at
All of the clothes I wear are Shady
by Twister December 05, 2003
What a lot of white trailer park kids wear.
Guy - I hate black people but I love to act like them. My mom came home from the truckstop with a little extra cash, so she said I could get a Shady Ltd hoody.
by one lucky tounge May 05, 2007
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