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A African American Male who hangs out on xat and likes to
Cock Block Nicky from getting girls.
Also da Most gangsterest Muh fucka up on dat biz-itch.

Nicky: Shadez i wanna grow up to be just like you.

Shadez: A few more feet and you just might get there little scamp.


Nicky: Shadez i grew 2 inches this week!!

Shadez: Whoa! How tall are you now?

Nicky: Im 2½ inches tall now.

Shadez: Your growing up so fast.

Nicky: fuck you ;~;

Shadez: Cost ya extra my nigga.
by Roastin Nicky r' us December 12, 2010
Shadez man also knwon as y.birdie a up and coming artist which will blow and is unique with flow as your friend
find shadez 4 a example
by shadez August 31, 2006

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