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Like the Clock Crew and the Lock Legion, the Shades Gang are a NEW flash group from Newgrounds. However, even if they are pretty popular and gaining members as days go by, they also are pretty hated throughout Newgrounds. They attracted two clock crew members, IceBlock Clock, and SaltShaker Clock to come and join them. They also attracted a few Star Syndicate members and Kitty Krew members. They have very few allies on Newgrounds, but they have a ton of enemies who do not enjoy thier delightful peace and some spam. They are currently aiming for a "collection" on Newgrounds. Collections are short movies mocking something (e.g. Powerpuff Girls, Runescape, Ed Edd & Eddy etc.) involving the collection. Thier website consists of a clean invisionfree forum with excellent security. They also have 4 groups, "Admin, Co-Admin, Moderators, Original Shades, Regular Shades, Lurkers, and Banned" They try thier hardest not to spam as much as the Kitty Krew, the Star Syndicate, and TTA, however sometimes they can't help themselves. Unlike the Clock Crew and the Lock Legion, who have thier own "Day". The Shades Gang has their own "WEEK", 'Shades Week' which lasts the week of April 8th through April 12th. Thier original founding members include, GoldenShades (block of gold), LampShades (lamp), PizzaShades (pizza), DeathShades (a gravestone), AxeShades (an axe), 7UP Shades (can of 7up), and RoboShades (a robot rolling on one wheel). They accept anyone into their group, no matter what your flash skills are. The are like a family and care for each other. That is what makes them such a historic Newgrounds fad.
Buddy: Hey Zak, have you heard about the Shades Gang?

Zak: no, whats that

Buddy: they are a group of animators.

Zak: oh really, what type of animators?

Buddy: Flash Animators!

Zak: where? on Newgrounds?

Buddy: yeah. where else?

Zak: ok. i will join it. How about you?

Buddy: ok.

Zak: I am signing up as "Sun Shades"

Buddy: haha. ok. i am going to be "PSP Shades".

Zak: see you on the website!
by Nathaniel Moore November 03, 2007
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A group of large gangs called shades a group formed by there administrator Lampshades there modorater Pizzashades
and all time big help deathshades. other members include
the speical hambuger, cherryshades, goldenshades, axeshades, blobshades,and roboshades.they have a small collection of flash videos on there leader said " we will one day own newgrounds "
the shades gang will own the portal!
by Pillow shades September 30, 2007
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The crew of flash animators that wears shades for their faces, a knockoff of the clock crew.
BananaShades is awesome.
Shades Gang is a flash group.
by 6135256 November 08, 2007
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