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A large realm in southern Magnamund, covering most of the eastern half of the continent at the time of the World of Lone Wolf gamebooks. The capital is the city of Shadaki, and it also contains a number of other major cities such as Ghol-Tabras. In addition, it controls the formerly free cities such as Andui, Forlu and Karnali and a number of desolate areas such as Lara and the Lissan Plains.

The Empire is ruled by the Wytch-King Shasarak by means of fell magic and the fearsome Shadakine army. Particularly important are the Shadakine Wytches, who control each city partly by means of the powerful influence of the Kazim Stones they possess. Shasarak has also called demons to his aid, has opened a portal to the demonic plane and is a powerful magician in his own right.
The Shadakine Empire at its peak stretched from the Tentarias, the northern border of Southern Magnamund, to the south coast of the continent.

After the fall of Shasarak, most of the area became a single realm under the rulership of the wizard Grey Star, but Shadakine supporters continued to cause unrest. The free cities returned to their independence.
by Andy April 24, 2004
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