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When a fat girl askes you to pleasure her verbally.
Tina asked Colin to sexy talk to her because she's never heard him do it before.
by Lauryssa August 28, 2008
i like big cocks they are nice to suck on my gfs pussy is very wet and i love fingering her until she comes shes hot, and judging by your kids u must get some action too in sure he is one lucky fella (or gal) ;) would love to fucxk you some time so give me ring on 07532954665 ill be waiting for u slut bag xoxo *lick lick* x
paul: should we have some sexy talk?
pussy gal: mmmm id like to suck ur cock mmmmm i love wet pusssys :D x
paul: o yeah hunnniiiii ahhh yeah

then they commense sexual actions...
by hawt tits June 05, 2009