1. By many standards, a sexually attractive person. But due too one or more generally unnatural fetishes and habits, is not accepted or understood (or liked) unanomously by the populous.
<see necropheliac, incestual, chronic masturbater, concensual deficator, etc.>
2. A comical and pornographic comic strip filled with characters matching the description in def. #1.
1. "Melissa? Dude, she likes to make guys eat her shit!"/"Man, that melissa is one sexy loser."
2. (opinion)- Wow! Sexy Losers is the funniest fucking comic ever! ... And the writer is almost certainly going straight to hell! That sick fucking genius bastard, shooting suck in reprisal!
by Jean-Rene' White January 02, 2004
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The greatest webcomic ever created. The author, known only as Hard, creates characters with abnormal mental or physical issues, such as necrophilism, the inability to get a date with a porn star, or being unable to suppress auto-erotic urges.
Luis: Ha-ha! I love Sexy Losers!
Davo: Yeah, Hard is the best! Ha-ha!
by HugeBreasticle March 17, 2005

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