to wish to bang someone of the opposite sex; a term coined from Borat, used only when either under the influence, or extremely horny.
"would you like to make a sexytime with me?"

by crochskies July 10, 2008
Another word for the act of having sex with someone or something. To have sex at a good time and enjoy it!
I had been eying the waitress all night so i asked her if she wanted to have some sexytime.
by eclipsehome May 27, 2009
what happens when students pull all nighters to study calculus and or chemistry in university.
"study sesh tonight?"
by Scottissexytimes October 23, 2007
Time for sexy

Jared's favourite phrase
Tony: Hey
Jared: Sexy-Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Tony.1 January 16, 2008
Anything from making out to actually getting it on. It is usually referred to as blowing someone or having an awesome hookup session.
Person 1: "Dude Julian and I had awesome sexy time last night?"
Person 2: "Really? What did you do?"
Person 1: "Some incredible sexy time that's what!"
by Jessica Spellmyeeee March 27, 2010
A time at which you are both sexually arroused and looking good. This often leads to masturbation.
" Hey Jody, the other night I was in my room having sexytime with myself!"
by Lulu L'eafaiono May 18, 2008
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