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The act of having an underwear party, which ends with people going nude and having sex.
We're going to go have a sexy party saturday, only attractive people are allowed to goto our sexy partys. Sometimes confused with some college parties
by Roger J January 27, 2008
53 29
A term to describe a really awesome party. Were everyone has as much fun as they can until they pass out. The sexy is usually measured by a sexy meter.
Dude did you go to Kirsten's sexy party last night? It was off the sexy meter it was so sexy.

Damn dude I missed it!!!
by kakimh January 05, 2010
16 5
another word for the orgies held in the seventies.
Tom, we should have a sexy party and invite the new neighbors!" "I don't want to get AIDS, Jannet.
by dinosaureater December 13, 2010
9 9
1. n. underwear mosh
2. n. underwear party, generally constisting only of dudes.
the mosh quickly turned into a sexy party.
by george June 20, 2004
30 45