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The act of having an underwear party, which ends with people going nude and having sex.
We're going to go have a sexy party saturday, only attractive people are allowed to goto our sexy partys. Sometimes confused with some college parties
by Roger J January 27, 2008
A term to describe a really awesome party. Were everyone has as much fun as they can until they pass out. The sexy is usually measured by a sexy meter.
Dude did you go to Kirsten's sexy party last night? It was off the sexy meter it was so sexy.

Damn dude I missed it!!!
by kakimh January 05, 2010
another word for the orgies held in the seventies.
Tom, we should have a sexy party and invite the new neighbors!" "I don't want to get AIDS, Jannet.
by dinosaureater December 13, 2010
1. n. underwear mosh
2. n. underwear party, generally constisting only of dudes.
the mosh quickly turned into a sexy party.
by george June 20, 2004
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