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A nap with a lady in which the aforementioned female is sexy. Usually, some form of hanky-panky is involved. Sometimes, intercourse even occurs. Rarely is any actual sleep gotten. When "waking up" from a sexy nap, both people usually feel fresh and well-rested despite the lack of sleep.
I just had a great sexy nap with my girlfriend and am ready for a long night of studying.

"God I'm tired," says my friend. "Well you should try a sexy nap, those always give me a nice kick in my fanny," I reply.
by Laguna89 May 12, 2009
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after a long day fist pumping at the pool and losing your mind, you invite your favorite female friend of the day or friends up to the room to relax, it turns sexy once you either lay down with the female or run a tub
"hey greg, why are you grabbing me like that?"

"Come on baby, lets go take a sexy nap"
by votto June 02, 2009

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