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The day of the week that is so blindingly smooth, suave and attractive that it compels us to commiserate--sexily--at various bars/lounges around New York City.

Usually originates at Pat O'Brien's or other Upper East Side happy hour locations.
Thursday: "Ugh, I can't believe it's still not Friday!"

The next day: "It's SEXY FRIDAY!!! Fuck and Yes!"
by GAS Captain April 15, 2010
A time at the end of the week where bros get together to discuss important subjects and congregate in sexually appealing activities. These activities could include Game of Thrones, Gears of War, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pandemic, midnight Macs runs, or nacho making. Also, forking.
Bro #1: Dude, it's Sexy Friday!
Bro #2: What are we gonna do tonight, bruv?
Bro #1: Gears and Thrones, obv!
by DYSlades September 30, 2011