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Ray Toro, of My Chemical Romance's hair. Sort of a mop of fuzzy, poof, it is fluffy and luxurious. Mostly a fangirl/teenie term, it is sometimes used by real fans. If you're wondering what's up with the two "x"s, they are vital. If you cut those off, it's just the sex fro, which is just not the same.

Used in pretty much every MCR fanfic.
Fangirl: LyKe, OmFg, WhEn I MeEt RaY FrOm McR IlL AsK hIm If I cAn ToUcH HiS SeXx FrO!!!111!eleven!!

Real Fan: 0_o Yeah, the sexx fro is not your's to touch.
by 0-o October 25, 2006
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