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Sexual aura is something very few females have, it does come naturally and cannot possibly be 'put on'. A girl doesn't even need to be the hottest girl in the room to have Sexual Aura,but every boys eyes will still be drawn to her.This natural source of aura is felt by males through out, possibly even by the fathers of these girls.

It's a sense of.. simply 'I want to fuck you on this pavement' from the males point of view, but sexual aura is felt as soon as you speak to a girl, it's something that really can't be explained in words, but is something of a 'touch' the female has on you.

A girl with a high level of of Sexual Aura is said to be a CCW
Lacy: You seen that girl ?
Mally: yeah, she well sexy even though she not that hot
Lacy: Shes got sexual aura, a defiant CCW
by Mally_34 January 05, 2009
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