The ability for some to determine, by some supernatural force, whether another individual has performed a sexual act recently.
Chloe used her sexth sense to determine that Bobby had, in fact, been sleeping around.
#sex #six sense #sixth sense #sex sense #sexth sence
by DDDSRT October 24, 2010
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Top Definition
It's a kind of intuition linked to sexual matters it makes the person guess people's sexual capacities among other things.
My sexth sense tells me he's got a tiny penis!
#sixth sense #sex #sense #sexual #sexually
by I_zzi April 16, 2014
The extra sense that humans have that differentiates them from animals and drags them lower!
I blame this relationship on my sexth sense. It screwed me!

His sexth sense makes him choose all the wrong girls over a great job!
#sexth sense #sixth sense #human #weird #sex
by kaalika August 29, 2011
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