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Name for the combination of Viagra and Ecstasy as sold as recreational drug in the club and rave scene.
"Police say there is huge demand for black-market Viagra, which is turned into capsules, blended with Ecstasy and sold as a recreational rave drug which is known as "sexstasy"."

"Combined with the illegal drug Ecstasy, the anti-impotence pill is well known on the club scene as Sexstasy."

""Sexstasy" is a Viagra-ecstasy drug combo. The Viagra is intended to counteract the effects of ecstasy, which includes a loss of libido. Viagra can give you a boost."
by Erik the Belgian URL April 02, 2010
The amount of ecstasy felt during or right after sex
Person #1: How was Steve last night?

Person #2: OMG he was so good I was in a Sexstasy coma for an hour after he left!
by StormGurl May 20, 2012
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