someone who is sexy, exotic, or just delicious.
used to describe someone tasteful.
d00d, that girl's a total sexsicle!
by kelseyyy! June 22, 2007
Top Definition
Term describing an individual who is so tempting and delicious to your sexual tastes, they literally make your mouth water. Similar to how one feels before enjoying their favorite popsicle. Beware that thoughts of eating this person are a common side effect. Our suggestion: Refrain from this temptation as such behaviors frequently result in a visit to your local emergency room.
"Girl, you're like a sexsicle. Tall, delicious, and chocolately."
by Hanban1 September 25, 2010
One being very sexy, like a popsicle. Often used to describe sexy, exotic, or hot people.
"Baby, you's a sexsicle!"
"I know, i get that a lot."
by kelseyxx June 10, 2007
used to describe someone who is sexy, exotic, or scrumptious. a cross between sexy and popsicle.
d00d, you's a sexsicle!
by kdawggg June 17, 2007
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