A guy who has really sexy looking six-pack abs. Abs are basically sexy anyway, so you just substitute the word "six" for "sex", and you get "sex-pack".
"Brad has a six-pack".....

"No, it's not a six-pack, it's a sex pack. His abs are sexy as hell".
by spinnernet February 04, 2011
Top Definition
A sixpack so beautiful that girls are literally drawn to it and it is the reason for the orgasm the male is about to receive.
Lisa: Oh my God, look at that sixpack!
Abby: That's not a sixpack, it's a sexpack!!! Let's go grab it!
by P Rick July 27, 2011
A six pack - visible abdominal muscles - gained purely from having a whole bunch of sex.
"I don't even exercise. Check out this sex pack!"
by vootins May 12, 2010
another term for abs/six packs.a better,more sexual way of describing a guy's abs.
ex: girl-"omg look at that guy's sex pack!it's great!"
by dani aka danielle June 27, 2006
The musculature derived from massive amounts of sexual activity, usually of the hips, thighs, and right wrist.
actually sex is an intense workout
it burns like 500 kcal per hour

we should do that a lot then... for our health

we'll be like ripped in a week
sexpacks for both of us
by silentspring October 13, 2011
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