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The time it takes to have sex
they dissapeared into the bathroom for just a sexond
by Vlair Bananas September 30, 2005
15 5
a sexond is the unit of seconds while having sex.
He lasted only 30 sexonds!
by abbalee July 27, 2005
12 4
When after finishing the first round of sex and you want to ask for the second round. Sexonds? yes please!
A husband leans over to his wife and asks for Sexonds, please?
by Hollister25 November 22, 2010
4 0
a unit of sex time, in seconds.
(i.e. how many seconds the sex takes)
dude man, i was with courtney last night, and i swear to god it lasted like 360 sexonds.
by boobiepants May 30, 2007
4 3
The amount of time it takes for more than one person to have sex.

(Sexonds only applies to more than one person, for only one person having sex with themselves see: loneliness)
10 sexonds... She's pissed, but I'm happy!
by Isthislegall? June 04, 2011
0 0
Regretting sex.
Dude I slept with Mandy and now I am having sexonds.
by megasaurusgoesrawr March 20, 2009
5 7