sexomnia is a sleeping disorder in which the body unknowingly performs violent rape-like sex upon the closest person. The person suffering from sexomnia may have a past of violence or signs of wanting to over-power many.
First the victim falls asleep and soon after that they randomly begin dry humping or rapeing the nearest person, even to the limit of actually ripping off their shirt and clothes and pinning them down, to even forcefully kissing them.

"Hey man did you hear about that guy that raped his roomate in his sleep?"

"Yeah, but the charges were dropped when he claimed to have sexomnia.."

by Chuck Enpie July 26, 2006
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Someone who pursues sexual activities in their sleep. it's like sleep walking, completely unconscious.
Kieran Stocker sufferer of Sexomnia. trialled in court for sexual assualt.
by Industri94 January 09, 2010

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