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The way Sarah Brown undresses with her booty; or for that matter yer gal
Baby you gotta' express yaself like the way you undress yaself so sexily.

booty sexy dance the way mine does it
by RobinHood de Valk December 10, 2010
1. (adverb) to do something in a sexy way
"Your Lil' Wayne poster is looking at me angrily" "No he's not, he's looking at you sexily"
by ucsbroommate January 09, 2010
Sexy, powerful, something that evokes feelings of being "turned on"
That girl dances very sexily.
by Erin October 27, 2003
Something that is done in a sexy way, btw, See Melonie, its a real world >.>~~~
Melonie has never done anythign Sexily~~~
by ehehebooboo~~ September 12, 2005