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Same as fuck friend or bonk buddy.

A person you do, cose you aint getting it from someone you love.
Dude, did I tell you that your girl friend and I are such close sex friends ?

It's nothing to worry about, your mum and I are just sex friends.
by DrSnow April 18, 2005
Someone who you have sex with without actually being friends with that person or being in a girlfriend-boyfriend relationship. Just for sex. Two people who have sex. Sex. Only sex. Together just for sex. Sex! Emphasis on sex and nothing else. Se-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-kz!!!! Sex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sexfriends only do one thing together. Sex!
Boy:Yeah!!! we did it!!
Girl:It's sex!!! We're Sexfriends. I'm not your friend or your girlfriend!
Boy: Are we still sexfriends?
Girl:Only until next week! Only sex!
Boy:Nothing but plenty of sex!!!
by Neon10 November 01, 2010
A friend you have sex with (d'oh) but without having a romantic relationship.
Lisa and I used to be lovers but now we're just sexfriends.
by Amator April 27, 2007