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The bag of sex situated inbetween a females legs, aka the vagina
Oi love, out ya sexbag!
I said out ya sexbag, out ya sexbag, out ya sexbag for the lads!
by Tezman July 13, 2006
A bag like object used for sex. Commonly a girlfriend.
James - My brother's girlfriend is staying around tonight.

David - Ah, the good old sex bag. Lets face it thats what a girlfriend is.

James - Haha, but i use my cat...
by Dave Bryce May 05, 2007
An extremely sexy person who is extremely sexually active, and all his/her peers are somehow sexually arracted to their looks and body.
Damn! That person is a Sexbag! Wonder how many he/she has hit.
by Ernst Yvelle April 16, 2015
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