Puting your penis in a telephone while talking to your girlfriend. When he says "hello" you jizz right in the mouth piece and say you gave me head hoe and then hanging up and never talking to her again.
TreyQuan: Picks up phone
Shaquilla: Hello?
Shaquilla: OMG
TreyQuan: You finally gave me head HOE! You just got sexaphoned you dirty nigga bitch
by aretardedbox February 20, 2010
Top Definition
A person who, during sex, moans musically, occasionally moaning the notes to a common song.
Person A: Last night I hooked up with a chick and I swear, as she neared orgasm, her moans started to sound like "Mary Had a Little Lamb"
Person B: Wow. What a sexaphone!
by WhaleBlubber June 03, 2010
A Parody of Phone Sex, The Bearer of the Sax plays a tune for the person who asks for it.
How about we have a sexaphone?
by Tuli March 31, 2005
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