A person who is very sexually appealling
Vanessa is almost too sexalicious
by sexington January 20, 2008
something that is BEYOND sexy.
"omg dude look at that girl dancing over there. she's so sexy"
"no way man, she's sex-a-licious"
by jessie's loverrr November 12, 2008
An adjective. Describes how sexy a person is.
"Damn, that reggin is sex-a-licious"
a word teenage girls use to describe guys who they think are sexy & delicious.
their sexalicious<3
Keri & Kate both thought that the school quarterback was sexalicious.
by people in, New Jersey October 15, 2008
When something so wonderful and fantastic occurs that no other word can describe the sexy amazing feeling rising forth.
Usage: That *noun* was so sexalicious.
That 60 yard Hail Mary touchdown that Larry caught was the most sexalicious catch I've ever seen in my life.
by Pat my Rice February 11, 2012
adjective used to decsribe anything :)
" Everything is sexalicious in it's own sexalicious way"
by dictionairedarling January 02, 2010

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