1.) Being so sexy that the word "sexy" can not correctly define
2.) The smell and/or the taste that is present after a hearty round of sex
1.) Oooh,.. that guy is SeX-A-LiCiOuS
2.) "Oooh,.. Your crotch is sexalicious!!"
by Dana April 11, 2003
Top Definition
A word used to describe someone who is insanely gorgeous and has a godly ass.
Sexalicious is a word and it describes me.
by Lola March 10, 2004
1.doing something seductively or just being flatout sexy.
1.wow eugene the way you ate that bagel was sexalicious!

2.geewiz grandma your body is sexalicious!!!
Something very good or appealing, but not necessarily in a sexual way
"We won the lottery? Sexalicious!"
"That new girl is sexalicious."
by JC July 06, 2004
very sexy or hot.
a mix of sexy and delicious
"Jen that shirt is sexalicious!"

"Isnt that girl sexalicious?!"
by jeny from da block February 09, 2008
extremely sexy or awesome
Your'e looking very sexalicious today!
by ABBBB WAZZ HERE July 28, 2008
The act or state of being so sexy that members of the opposite sex have dreams involving nibbling, butterscotch ice cream and a truck bed in the AZ desert.
Dr. Zoiberg had a way of pulling the ladies to them by their lab coats that was so sexalicious they quivered with delight.
by ToeJamDingusPrettyEyes February 27, 2010
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