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Pimp lying down with 6 girls on top, each on a different positions:

one on each hand, one on his face, one on each foot, one on the cock.
"Yo tanziboi what's up man?"

"Not much bro, can you sort me some death bucky for tonight though, got a party with some babes with massive babalons. "

"Sure bruv. Ill get talkin with Mr Yons and Dr Salvo from JST Pharmaceuticals. Try not to cause too much damage, how many death buckys do you need?"

"Six blud, im goin for the sexagon"
by Tannasaurous June 01, 2009
A fairly erotic shape. Highly suggestive.
My sexagon itches
by Anus June 02, 2003
A sex god or goddess.
Krista thinks Eric and Steve are sexagons and she cannot decide which one she wants.
by voco March 05, 2005
Two love triangles put together; a very convoluted series of relationships.
-Well, Tammy and Pammy both like Sammy, but he and Willy both like Jilly, and she's best friends with Pammy and... oh, it's so complicated!
-So it's like a giant love triangle?
-I'd say more of a sexagon.
by Poni December 05, 2007
a six sided shape in order to win a bet.
We are now standing in a sexagon snowflake!
by WinnerofBet July 28, 2004
When 8 people have consensual sex of any gender.
when my wife and I went to a swingers party we ended up being involved in a sexagon.
by seahawk seth January 13, 2015
a word thats definately pay up chick!
Catherine must give Adrianna $2 dollars because this isnt a real word and snowflakes arent sexagons...theyre snowflakes!
by adrianna July 29, 2004
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