A story about sex. Duh.
This is a sex story.
Janelle walked up the driveway of the party in a tight miniskirt and only a bra. Her high heels clacked on the pavement and she pushed open the door to find beer and guys everywhere. They were all mingling around. She sat down and grabbed a small beer, and looked around to find the host. As she waited, a handsome but obscure man walked up and sat down.
He unzipped his hoodie and showed his face. "Who are you?" he asked, his eyes greedily devouring her huge breasts.

"Janelle, you? And do you know where Tina is?" Janelle answered primly, but her pussy was starting to get warm.
"Mark. Tina's right over there," he answered, pointing. "But wait."
Janelle swished her hair around and looked questioningly at Mark. "What?"
"Come with me. I'll show you where she is."
Mark led her down a few hallways and finally they got to a bedroom suite.

"What? Tina's not in here!" Janelle stubbornly started to leave.
"Tina isn't. But..." Mark trailed off, and Janelle noticed the tent in his pants.
She smiled and he walked towards her, his shirt already off.
"May I?" he asked.
"Oh yes, yes you may." Janelle smiled, and unbuttoned her skirt. There were no panties. She also took off her bra.
Her breasts were huge.
The rest... is R.
by pseudonym1989 October 06, 2011

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