The act of exporting men or women as sex slaves. Most common in asian and middle-east areas, where the population is most dense and easier to get away with stealing children.
"The local police responded to the booming sexport industry by increasing patrols in the areas hardest hit."
by Darkvein January 18, 2005
Top Definition
West Port High School in Ocala Fla. Home to the Valley Boys, members of the 352 crew and other various random and pointless 'gangs'

School where white people literally are a minority, and blacks and hispanics are the majorities.

During the 06-07 school year, infamous for multiple 'bomb days' of school, consisting of standing on a grass hill in Fla. heat in May!

Also, infamous for special education children getting 'dome' or oral sex in the back of a classroom during a video.

A school with a miserable excuse for attractive guys, girls, and football team, and mascot (wolfpack)

a.k.a. bomb port, whore port
Substitute Teacher: Ok guys, Im going to turn off the lights, and we can look at the overhead!

Typical loud mouth student: NO! You cant turn off the lights Miss! Its Sex Port!
by KillaHo August 10, 2008
A port for the insertion of sexy tools.
*bzzzzzt* request permission to dock with your sexport, madam *bzzzzzt*

*bzzzzt* permission granted *bzzzzt*
by James Randii August 18, 2008
1. An alteration of the common Export beer.
2. When used by freshman jockeys to induce sexual desire of the opposite sex.
1. "Mmmm beer, my one and only love. Come to daddy, my little Sexport."
2. "Hey baby, you lookin' fine. Have a beer, on me."
"Hee hee, ok"
"Whoa, you drank that fast. Have another."
"I fink I'm a whittle dunk."
"Hey baddy, this Sexport works like a charm."
by Big Toker April 26, 2003
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