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Two-word phrase used when one, or both, of a couple decide the time has arrived for sexual relations to commence.
Wow, babe...I had no idea you'd look THAT good in Saran Wrap. Sex on!
by Nipplemann January 21, 2010
Sexon is an abstract numerical value represented symbollically by an underwear. For all definitive purposes, it exists somewhere in the thereotical void between six and seven.
"Sexon: It's not quite 6, it's not quite 7, but it sure as hell ain't 6.5!"
by Anu January 29, 2005
Abstract verb implying the getting on of sex. Can be used in any situation to any effect.
i just pwned some noob, 'sexon'!
by Tasi kinia'lofa September 10, 2008