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A woman who gets insulted and is ungratful when a man thinks she is attractive and sexy and wants to get to know her better. For example,"that creep is hiting on me!".Many men think sex is beautiful and want to share it with them. A lot of women who are not as attractive would love to get such attention. And a lot of men would love to get such attention from women.
Many men have become discusted with such behavor after getting it for about the ten thousandth time.
Many men are of one of two opinions about them 1. they should have there pussies cut out and there vaginias sewed up or 2. they should be made sex slaves or just plain slaves.
Kathy is just a sex hating bitch.
#feminist #jerkette #better than you cunt #plastic queen #queen bee.
by Deep blue 2012 January 26, 2010
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