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A zombie that will obey you and provide any sexual favors you require. Essentially a mindless sex slave. Jeffrey Dahmer tried to create a sex zombie by drilling holes in his victims skulls and pouring battery acid onto their brains in order to destroy their free will
"According to Professor Harvey, Jefferey Dahmer poured acid into his victims brains. I guess he was trying to make some kinda... sex zombie or something... I don't know."
by PL25 October 07, 2013
1) Someone who is bored and isn't really interested in sex,
2) Someone who has no strength or energy during sex,
3) Someone who is ill during sex.
"Dude, I has sex with that girl, and she was such a sex zombie..."
by Anoym July 24, 2007
A person who walks around like a dead person thinking about having sex... all day. May exhibit zombie-like qualities such as a blank stare and or grunting at people and inanimate objects.
Charlie Sheen is a sex zombie.
by sexzombie June 30, 2012
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