This is the substance that leaves your sexual Organsafter sexual intercorse.

Somepeople like to drink this as a sweet sweet tipple.
"This onetime I did a sex wee; and I saved it in a bottle and put your name on it and then I drank it and pretended it was yours"

"I just did a sex wee *PERVY LOOK* "
by YOU+ME=SEXWEE October 04, 2006
word used by 12 year olds on myspace that think they are cool,
but are quite blatently not, as they still have the inability to cum in the first place, as they have not yet hit puberty
1st 12 year old "OMGZZZ YEW ARE SOOOOooOooOoo HAWT"
2nd 12 year old "(*&&*^"*&!!&*£&!!!!! YEW MADE ME SEX WEE."
by jadie!x April 29, 2006
pre cum
i want to wipe my sex wee all over your tummy
by edward April 01, 2003
slitty-eyed before the sexwee came
by mike hunt August 19, 2003
slang for "li-li sex-wee". a grrrl punk head over heels in love with a dirty metalhead, also known as a "ry-ry sex-pie". best found in a stoned/drunk state of mind. tends to be full of adoration for her "sex-pie" when not at work earning the money to fight off the evils of soberness
jelous ex of sex-pie:"check out that punk chick with sex-pie"
wise onlooker:"dont mess with her, thats li-li sex-wee! she'll knocker yer head reyt off mate"
by lazy bones July 29, 2006
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