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1. The second day of school when you turn everything everyone says into something perverted.
Dude 1: *eats a brownie* god this things hard
Dude 1: ...pervert...*eats brownie*

Dude 1: *walking in the rain* i'm soaking wet...
Dude 2: EWWWWWWWWWWW ^_^ ha ha ha
Dude 1: ...perv...
by Cazzie and Erin August 13, 2005
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Day in which every waking minute is spent enjoying coitus. Used most often by desperate couples seeking to have a child.
Jane: I'm ovulating, so I need to take a day off for a Sex Day with John.
John: I'm getting laid consistently for 24 hours.
by Pete Cooter December 14, 2005

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