This is the lack of Sex for more than Six months. (This does not apply to virgins.)
Jack's new girlfriend has him in a sex coma.

Virgin woman usually keep there boyfriends in a sexual coma until marriage.
by Jeremy Plumley November 02, 2007
Top Definition
A complete loss of consciousness and total paralysis following an unusually extensive and prolonged and thorogh sexual experience that is so intense the neural circuitry can no longer function, hence the person enters a sex coma.
I banged that bitch to the point of sex coma.

*upon seeing a sexually attractive lady* That girl is a potential BTPOSC (banged to the point of sex coma)
by Wabang January 18, 2010
The time immediately preceding sex when you lose awareness and control of your actions, allowing hormones to work their magic.
Asexual Friend: "You seriously didn't even notice that you fell off the bed?!"
Sexual Friend: "No, I was in sex coma. Everything just seems kind of blurry."
by coma addict August 18, 2007
When guys fall asleep immediately after sex. (similar to a food coma: feeling sleep after a meal.)
After we finished I got hit by a sex coma and fell right asleep.
by scream803463 October 18, 2010
A trance like state entered during sex where you loose total control of your actions
I was in a sex coma when i slapped you
by Notyourbabiesdaddy November 15, 2010
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