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This advance level sexual manouver requires three participants(a good bro to fire the cannon). It is in which you climb into a cannon with your legs agape and once the cannon is fired, you must land precisely onto your partner's genitals.
I can't go hang out tonight, I'm helping a friend with their sex cannon.
by SlayerOfTheMichiganCunts May 31, 2016
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Receiving head and at the point of climax, the woman removes her mouth from the man's genitalia, pointing it at his face. If the man lacks the force to reach his face, he will climax on his own chest.
Joe received a sex cannon this morning!
by Marc Tomas October 03, 2007
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When you are having sex with a drunk girl from behind. While you are ramming it to her, she pukes and projectile vomits like shooting a cannon.
I was hammering Jana from behind last night and turned her into a Sex Cannon.
by Tigercannon August 03, 2009
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