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Any person has the ability to have any kind of sex. Unless you're disabled. Discrimination of age isn't tolerated.
Girl: What's the legal sex age in the US?
Boy: Im not sure, I think it's illegal if you're under 18.
Girl: Well we're under 18.
Boy: Okay, lets have sex than!!
by In$omnia. August 24, 2008
something nobody pays attention to.
boy: what's the sex age for the US?
girl: who cares?
boy: oh yeah
by god-of-turnons July 02, 2011
Derived from the word sext, sexage is the action of sending racy photos, or sexually themed messages to a significant other. Sexage as in message+sext.
My girlfriend doesn't have a phone to sext me on, so we just sexage over facebook.
by leprechaunllama December 01, 2009
a sexual massage.
Rick had a collection of scented oils for his sexage sessions with his lover.
by photomoto September 15, 2009
A type of erotic sexual intercourse
Dude, last night I got some major sexage.
by Ilik February 18, 2008
the age of puberty. One who has reached sex age is called a sexager.
The boy has reached sexage.
by uttam maharjan November 28, 2011
You need to be 16 to have sex in the united states
Boy:Soo...... You want to have sex?
Girl:What is the legal sex age here?
Boy: 16... I am 16 so we are good...
Girl: I am only 14 though.
by Kuaky May 23, 2008
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