n. an affectionate term for the 24-hour lunatic haven called 7-11.
We meant to go out and meet some girls, but we ended up hanging out at sevie's until 11 and then watching Fight Club on DVD.
by F. Rodderick Hsu May 18, 2005
Top Definition
Term used for a seventh grader. Sometimes used as an insult, or if your just lazy to say seventh grader just call them a sevy. Stolen from the Lizzie Mcguire show.
Thank god we're not sevy's anymore.
by Platypus April 18, 2004
A "Sevie" is a derogatory term, meaning "seventh graders", originating in Woodward Academy aka Weedward Acrackdemy.

It is a term used by eighth graders to show their authority in the middle school. When one says "sevie", it is usually when telling someone something to do. Never a pleasant thing to call someone, but it sure is fun to get people to do whatever you want to do.

This term is almost never used by high schoolers, but pretty much always used by 8th graders.
8th Grader 1: Shit man we just made a huge dent in Ms. Smith's car.
8th Grader 2: It's alright just blame it on those sevies, who cares about them anyways.

8th Graders: Get off the back of the bus sevies!
Sevies: .........okk.

8th Grader: Fuck you sevie just buy me some pizza.
Sevie: Whatever man why don't you just leave us alone...
by Lax Bro Numero Uno September 19, 2010
seventh grade losers who get fucked with by eigth graders
by Me July 27, 2003
The term "Sevie" is used to define a seventh grade student that attends Woodward Academy. This is a term typically only used by students in the eighth grade that are trying to act like high school seniors that harass freshman in order to make themselves feel more mature. Unfortunately their false sense of accomplishment is drowned out by the fact that they are failing all of their classes.
8th Grade Student: Hey older kid! I want to be cool like you so lemme tell you a story! These stupid sevies did the stupidest--
9th-12th Grade Student:I thought your parents would have raised you better. You might as well drop out of highschool now and save them the money
by Woodward Student January 07, 2012
A small clueless child (in grade seven) that creepy grade nines "pounce on". Often, this relationship ends when the grade nine meets the childs friends, or when the child figures out the "niner" is perverted.
"Do you know a kid named Tony, in grade nine?"
"Isn't he the creepy one?"
"Yeah, well he's dating a grade seven!"
"That poor, Sevy"
by STELEVHA November 15, 2009
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