severna park is the epitome of stuck up. we all act modest, but we know we are the best...even though most parkies aren't. it's a place every parent wants their child to grow up. we all know that we are snobby sons of bitches but that doesn't stop us from letting everyone and their mother know it too. we walk around with our popped collars, abercrombie and fitch, and lacrosse sticks like it's our job. the number one person in our lives is ourself. you mean nothing to us. no one messes with a parkie. cuz if you mess with one of us, you mess with all of us. we are the great parkies and you can only wish you were one of us.
a kid wants a cookie at the store. it's almost dinnertime. if he lives anywhere but severna park, his mom says no and thats it. if he lives in severna park, his mom says no, he persists, and so his mom buys him not only a package of cookies but takes him to the local candy store to stuff himself silly. and thats just the way we roll. no one says no to us.
by wearebetterthanyou. April 01, 2005
Wow you all are the gayest people i've ever met. Half of you have never even been to Severna Park, so fuck you all.
Yes our parents have money, WHO THE FUCK CARES?! Suck it fucking white trash kids.

"And when I, pop my collar i make them smile"-Yeah what fags? Suck it up.
by Doesn't matter April 16, 2005
The best fucking place to live in the world.Hey dont hate us cuz your poor trailor park trash!
I love the Park bitches!
by parkie4life March 29, 2005
Everyone that is hating on Severna Park is stupid. The Place has great schools, both public and private. The area in general is wealthy and well taken care of. They have great sports leagues that start when they are young. I wish I would have been fortunate enough to have not moved as much as I have, but when my dad was in the military we had to move. Now I am kinda stuck going to shit hole Meade High School. There are so few true preps u can count them on ur hands and toes and still have some of each left over. Also I am the only kid at the school that does pop their collar which puts Meade's Popped to UnPopped Ratio at 1599:1.

It sucks having wealthy ass parents in an area full of not poor but not rich people that don't like the fact u have new and expensive clothes. Look it isn't a kids fault cuz his parents have money and they want their kids to have a good life.

And also, Severna Park has a gynormous amount of gorgeous girls. Meade has none. So for anyone who doesn't go to a good school like Severna Park or a school with a good amount of Good looking preppy girls go to Annapolis mall... can u say DAYUM.

That is it from the Preppy minortity at Meade High School. Class 07' Represent! haha... wow... i was sounding so good until here.
My collar popped and their panties dropped
by Jared aka Red Racer August 03, 2005
Severna Park has more then 2 liquor stores it actually has 4 the only thing that should be fixed in Severna Park is that they should make one of the McDonalds that are across from each other on Ritchie Hwy. a Burger King. Recently Severna Park is becoming a lot more like Glen Burnie and I believe the most popular illegal drug is and has always been weed. I would say cocaine is next followed by the up and coming crystal meth. Severn sure is snobby but that is also where all the heroin attics go. People who go to Severn who may have been ugly before sometimes become attractive after thier freshman year. Lacrosse really isn't as big as it used to be in this area. There is an unusual amount of youth groups at the public school and people kill each other if it means getting an A in honors. Many of the mothers in Severna Park are addicted to pills and also drive large SUV's. Really Severna Park isn't as onesided as it seems. There are all types of diffrent people that live there but most of them wouldn't have a problem with wearing a pink pollo shirt.
;iquor stores are as follows....dawsons, the one next to old navy and such, the one on benfield and the one behind KFC
by a resident March 17, 2005
The owner of the Baltimore Ravens may have gone to Severna Park Highschool, but sends HIS kids to Severn. Lessoned learned. Pat Sajak? Got both of his kids decked out in maroon.
Severna Park High thinks they are rich because in SP? SP is NOT THAT NICE, and yes i live here to i know.
by sphsisgaygaygay March 17, 2006
Girls in Severna Park are mostly preppy! We are not all bitches, some of us are...we do have a lot of money. A lot of our parents pay for everything, not everyone just a lot. We do pop our collars, which we dont do to be "preppy" just because we think it looks hott. Chartwell is where most of the snotty girls hang out! Me being one of them, we are not really that snotty! We just know what we want...and we get it! Severna Park is a great place to live...water is beautiful and cute botiques all over town! The greatest place in Maryland would most def. have to be SP! I cant say anything about the high school because i attend a priate academy for girls!
Beautiful, Wealthy, Tan....Young ladies or hott guys
by Bethany May 05, 2005

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