i hate driving through severna park people there can not drive all you see down there are ppl swerving all over the road like drunks they need tricycles oh and when i go and race everyones bimmers my honda blows them away and i video record it all. all the snobby ass bitches that think there school is better at sports than anyone else i got a reality check for you, your schools suck, everytime i go through there which is alot i flip off all the dumbass's that are too busy talking on thier cell phones and go to the high schools and beat a few up here and there its a blast i hope everyone reads this and joins me on the beating of all dumbass severna parkies.
That stuck up severna parkie just got his ass beat.

I cant belive i just beat that bmw with my honda figures stuck up bitches cant drive.

severna park athlete: damn i cant belive we lost again damn we suck.

rest of maryland athletes: damn you guys do suck.
by severna park sucks August 29, 2005
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They love losing by one goal to Dulaney in 2000-2003. You guys down there in AACO dont know shit about snobby or stuck up. You have three private schools down there, big deal. Up here in Bmore county there are over 30 of them. You guys should venture up to Bmore county and see how real snobby kids have fun. Instead of getting drunk on on a boat in the "beautiful severn river".
hicks on the river trying to be preppy
by Mike April 05, 2005
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"I love J.Crew" "Are you from Severna Park"
by coolest.person.ever. February 28, 2015
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