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i live in sp, i dont see anything particularly great about it, but its nothing to look down on. its an ok place, pretty much your average upper-midddle class folks. as far as the high school goes, i havent seen a single person pop their collar. nobody does that. its douchy. oh, and if you live in severna park and have never lived anywhere else, dont badmouth it. we have it nice, so enjoy it while it lasts. oh, and im like the only minority that lives here exept for like, i dont know, all the others. yes, theres alot of white people, but we do exist here.
kids with parents who are famous/own a buisness= severn

everyone else= Severna Park High

not too shabby
by tribeof1 January 14, 2011
A great place to be, but actually NOT the home of the greatest community college in the nation. Anne Arundel Community College has 3 locations that I'm aware of, one in Arnold, one in Glen Burnie, and one in Hanover next to the Arundel Mills mall....
Man some people are really stupid to confuse Severna Park with Arnold. An SP resident would want to take credit for AACC... until they actually have to attend.
by Lauren G F April 11, 2008
Ah, Severna Park, also known as "SPARK," and its inhabitants are known as "Parkies" or "SPLAXERS4LIFE!." What a quaint little town of 30,000 people, and about 6 of those are minorities. The popped collar to non-popped collar ratio is approximatly 1580:7.
A X-mas List for the average Parkie:


a pink mini iPod for all my new Gavin Degraw songs. GO GAVIN! WE LOVE U!!!

The same VERA BRADLEY BAG that everyone has. GO VERA!!

Hollister shirt!! I LOVE HOLLI!!

But Santa, my real wish is to go to Severn. Alas, we spent all that money on my Lax stick. GO SP LAX!!! GO CARIN!! GO FALCONS!!!!!
by LEP rocks!! May 09, 2005
There are stuck-up assholes and bitches, althetic people, smart kids, etc. I live here and have never actually seen a "popped-collar". Not everyone plays lacrosse, nor does everyone call it lax. There are working moms and stay at home dads. Our educational system isn't half-bad, and we get decent scores on tests, though we also have slackers and idiots. Common stereotypes fit very few people, but the people who stand out the most are the stereotypical parkies. They happen to be the loudest, the proudest, and, based on observation, not the smartest.

Many of them live in a large neighborhood called Chartwell, though not all of them live there and not everyone who lives there has that attitude.

There are many places to go, and a common hangout for locals is the Annapolis Westfield Shoppingmall, where you can buy clothes and books, not to mention catch a new film.

MY advice is to not pay attention to what others say and get to know people here and not to judge them. Severna Park may be known for it's snobby jerks, but I'm sure there are plenty of people like that everywhere, or, at least, in other middle-to-upper class towns.
One Severna Park Student: "OH my god, all Alex ever talks about is lax, but it's okay because he's SO HOT."

Another SP Student:"... Like I was saying, the new Hetalia manga came out."

Yet another: "Cool! I finally figured out the geometry homework."
And one more: "There was homework?! Oh shit!"
by AverageNerd August 11, 2011
severna park REALLY isn't that great. i hope i don't shock any of you by saying that we basically live in a vacuum and that your parents are probably making you apathetic, self-centered, self-important, greedy people by raising you here. SORRY! i personally can't wait to go to college and go out into the real world. i'm sure i'm not the only person who feels this way.
i was raised in severna park and now i face depression because i can't afford a lexus and/or the latest coach bag.

another fine example would be:

we vacation in the bahamas every summer and i drive a bmw, yet we somehow can't afford to go anywhere but aacc.

ouch... i know it hurts
by 123 go SP! May 09, 2005
Severna Park is a mostly-White, middle-to-upper-class suburban small town just like all other mostly-White, middle-to-upper-class suburban small towns in the United States. Stop trying to classify an entire school population you fucking morons. Severna Park is not the best at anything nor is it a snobby shithole. Take your hormonal, unproductive, stupid fucking angst to the Broadneck-Severna Park games, because that's where shallow tools like everyone else whose posted on this page gather and duke out their meaningless rivalries.
'Hurr durr Severna Park rich asshole jocks spoiled derp derp' -jealous dick from another school in Anne Arundel County

'YYYEAAAHAHHH SP WOOOOO WE RUN THIS SHIT, THIS IS OUR HOUSE, WOOO NATTY LITES BROADNECK LOVES FACIALS' -<2% of the population of severna park, aka most of the lacrosse, football, and basketball teams
by hexag0n1 January 12, 2010
severna park is the epitome of stuck up. we all act modest, but we know we are the best...even though most parkies aren't. it's a place every parent wants their child to grow up. we all know that we are snobby sons of bitches but that doesn't stop us from letting everyone and their mother know it too. we walk around with our popped collars, abercrombie and fitch, and lacrosse sticks like it's our job. the number one person in our lives is ourself. you mean nothing to us. no one messes with a parkie. cuz if you mess with one of us, you mess with all of us. we are the great parkies and you can only wish you were one of us.
a kid wants a cookie at the store. it's almost dinnertime. if he lives anywhere but severna park, his mom says no and thats it. if he lives in severna park, his mom says no, he persists, and so his mom buys him not only a package of cookies but takes him to the local candy store to stuff himself silly. and thats just the way we roll. no one says no to us.
by wearebetterthanyou. April 01, 2005