A show that is watched by 4 year old kids and stoned teenagers.
"I smoked a 3-rizla spliff the other day, and watched sesame street for 8 hours"
by Anon April 25, 2005
Top Definition
The best kids' show ever; it could run rings around Barney,Maisie, and Max and Ruby!
Sesame Street is a classic
by Shawn B. July 14, 2003
Creation of stoned minds.
*takes a hit* ok theres gonna be this big yellow bird right. *smokes some more* and hes gonna talk to all the lil boys and girls.
by KyRo October 12, 2004
the best MOTHERFUCKING kids tv show that first aired in the mid 70sto today and will air TOMORROW.
i first what that show when i was like 2 years old now im 21I still tend to watch sesame street not caused im tweaked, cause theres nothing bettet on tv in the morning other than a bunch of stupid talk-shows or soap operas.
by jackson, j May 01, 2006
A PBS show that was worth watching when they had the pinball song and Teeny Little Super Guy. In the 80's the show was still filled with a lot of the trippy imagery left over from the 70's.
I used to eat cottage cheese and watch sesame street in my grandma's basement. Now I have friends.
by ILoveThom'sChickenDance December 01, 2003
In Poker, a straight consisting of Ace-two-three-four-five.

This obviously comes from the TV Show Sesame Street, which helps preschoolers learn to count.
You've got two pair, but I've got Sesame Street.
by Ron Palmer March 23, 2005
A babysitter
15 year old mother: I'll just set little Timmy in front of Sesame Street then we can hit the mall!

15 year old skank: Okey dokey!
by Elitist January 26, 2004
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