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Serosia: “I don’t know how long it takes to cure a Serosia”- No, it is not an STD or any kind of medical condition. They are actually a pretty awesome band from Dallas, Texas. They made the word up, and no, the word does not have anything to do with any of the band members penises. Mangos are not to be in the presence of these guys due to the fact that they could cause serious rashes. And whatever you do, do not ask about the peanut butter jelly bean that is in the witness protection program- it is a very, very sore subject. If you’re trying to impress one of them, just pee on their bed; they like that. Serosia; rockin’ your face off since 2007.
Serosia sounds like: Ser-oh-zhuh
by Flying Purple People Eater February 03, 2008
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