Vocalist/Musician of System Of A Down, who recently went on Hiatus to persue other musical interests. Serj has since started a record business named "Serjical Strike". "Axis of Justice", a group set up to promote said record company and to allow unknown atrists to make it in the world with their music. Along with these Achievements he has also written and composed a whole album by himself named "Elect the Dead", a pretty kick-ass album if I do say so myself
"Did you hear that song by Serj Tankian, 'Honking Antelope'?"
"Yeah i heard that song just the other day, Pretty London, Ireland!!"
by The Educated One July 11, 2008
Serj Tankian- One of the singers of System Of A Down or SoaD for short. If he isnt your idol then you may need to consider comitting suicide
Faggot: Im so glad SoaD is on an indefinate hiatus so that that guy with the weird hair,voice, and beard can get lost

Friend: Hey dude, if you dont go see a therapist soon about your problem you may kill yourself
Faggot: What?! Why

Friend: Well if you dont do it your self I might just have to kill you... Serj Tankian is on a level close to god... get over it
by likethinkpink August 28, 2008
One of the best vocalists you will ever hear. Owner of the greatest beard in the world.
Girl 1: Did you know, Serj Tankian shaved off his beard
Girl 2: WHAT!!! HOW COULD SUCH A THI- (faints from shock)
by borntoit1 February 01, 2011
1. Lead singer of System of a Down

2. Sexiest man of all time.

3. Even sexier than Raptor Jesus and Cosplay girls.
Girl one: Who do you think is the sexiest man to ever live? I think its George Clooney.

Girl two: Forget George Clooney, forget Johnny Depp. Hell, forget Raptor Jesus! ITS SERJ TANKIAN!

*Girl two then Chuck Norris Round-House Kicks girl one in the vaginal region*
by CaseyMeow April 04, 2010
The highly artistic and talented lead singer from the unique band System of a Down. He is currently working on a solo career and produces various bands (i.e. Fair to Midland). He is unashamed to express political beliefs and anything else he feels like showing the world. He writes beautiful poetry and is known to be an activist, not to mention a great guy. His vocals are insane (in a positive sense), and he may suffer from being over talented, so much so that he isn't always sure what to do with himself.
Close Friend who likes Serj: Hey, did you hear that Serj's new album is coming out?
Me: What? When? Where?!!
Close Friend: Calm down man... I'm not sure yet...
Me: Dude! This is SERJ TANKIAN we're talking about! How the deuce can I calm down!!! YOU MUST TELL ME!!
Close Friend: Well, I gotta go... so umm... bye o.0
Me: No! Come back! You must tell me when it is!!!
by nikeusessweatshops August 01, 2009
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